Gauge-SPC 1.2





Gauge-SPC is a statistical process control program for small batch production.

SPC Network

  • Developed for use on shop floor
  • Based on features
  • Additional information (temperature, power consumption etc.) can be associated to a measurement point
  • Multiple Gauge SPC programs can be attached to one single shared database on a network
  • Measurement points can be keyed in manually or read automatically through a specific filter
  • The program is multilingual

Measurement can be viewed by using different graphs:

  • Classification by product, property or measurement point
  • Further classification by machine or pallet
  • Shows single measurement points, moving average and X/R-card
  • Shows Cp and Cpk-indexes in graph

Gauge-SPC Graph Window

Also the program performs the following statistical tests:

  • Deviation and tolerance area tests
  • Tests are performed piece by piece
  • Possibility to launch a separate fault tree application in the case of alarm situations
  • Shows only the most current alarms

MittaComp Oy sells Gauge-SPC program. MittaComp Oy offers full-scale quality inspection systems that contain both measuring devices and software.