PolarCheck Analysis 3.2

Double Ball Bar Analysis Program





PolarCheck Analysis offers low-cost diagnostics for machine tool quick checks. It is aimed at identifying the presence of most common machine tool errors and defining their magnitude. The historical trending of stored measurements also helps one to detect and react to undesired trends before they cause defective products.

The easy-to-use Windows-based software quickly guides the user through the needed measurements and analysis and produces a wide range of reports both on individual measurements and on the error history of the machine tool.

Double ball barPolarCheck Analysis offers an integrated software package from measurements to analysis and reports.

The benefit to you is to be able to quickly analyse the accuracy and behaviour of your machine tool in periodical tests or for instance after a minor collision. The software allows you to identify possible problems yourself without the need to have routine tests done by expensive assessment organisations. If you do need to call specialist measurement organisations, the historical information on the machine can be retrieved from the database and printed out as a report. This will give the specialists a head-start in providing a solution for the problem.

Used together with the PolarCheck Simulator for Windows you will also find the PolarCheck Analysis a valuable educational tool: each time you use them you learn more about the way the various error types affect the accuracy of your machine tools.

Diagnostic coverage:Pareto Graph

  • Axis Spike
  • Backlash error
  • Centre Offset
  • Circularity
  • Cyclic error
  • Directional Vibration
  • Lateral Play
  • Measured feedrate
  • Random Vibration
  • Scale mismatch
  • Servo response error
  • Squareness error
  • Stick Slip
  • Straightness error

PolarCheck Analysis Features:

  • Collects measurement information obtained from double ball bar measurements.
  • Analyses double ball bar measurement files produced by Cullam, Renishaw and Heidenhain equipment or files produced by the PolarCheck Simulator for Windows.
  • Covers both static and dynamic measurements.
  • Shows the analysis results in an easily understandable numerical form
  • Shows the original measurement graph and generates a graph on the analysis results. These can be superimposed for better comparison.
  • Produces reports both on individual measurements and longer term error trends.
  • Stores all results in an open Microsoft Access™ compatible database.
  • Link to the fault tree program helps in the decision of the necessary actions
  • Extensive on-line HELP in standard Windows style with hyper-text links
  • Is multi-lingual. English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Finnish available at the moment. Other languages will be available in request.

Measurement: Collects measurement results from double ball bar measurement devices and stores them in a Microsoft Access™ compatible database

Analysis results: Shows you the result for each of the analysed errors in an easily understandable numerical form.

History: Lets you see in a graphical form the development of each of the error types as a function of time. This may help you to react to undesired trends in time. Also the effect of machine tool adjustments can be easily observed.

Print: Lets you print analysis reports as well as history reports on all past measurements of the machine tool.

Original measurement graph: Shows the measurement results in a graphical form. Polar and linear representations can be used to show both test directions either separately or at the same time.

Analysis result graph: Shows you the results of the analysis in a graphical form and enables a simple comparison with the original graph. If more detailed comparison is needed, the graphs can be superimposed

Help: MS Windows-style On-line help for all main features of the software and for the covered error types. The hypermedia links provide a comprehensive second level of detailed information.

Trend Query Results

Supported Measurement File Formats:

  • Renishaw (*.rtb) -- read and write
  • Renishaw (*.b5r) -- read
  • PolarGauge (*.plg) -- read and write
  • Heidenhain (*.dbb) -- read
  • Contisure (*g.*) -- read
  • 2-D Measurement (*.2d2) --read

Supported DBB manufacturer:

Look DBB Guidebook for more information about double ball bar measurements.

Download a 60-days evaluation version of PolarCheck Analysis 3.1 (ISO230-4:1996)

Download a 60-days evaluation version of PolarCheck Analysis 3.2 (ISO230-4:2005)

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Configuration requirements:
At least PC, Pentium 200 or higher, 10MB hard disk space for program, VGA or better display, Windows 95, Windows NT4.0 or later.

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