PresetCheck - PC-based presetter software





Modernize your Kelch, Trimos or Zoller tool presetter to 21st century

PresetCheck is a presetter software for Windows XP/2000/NT. It can be flexibly integrated to various manual presetter devices. It has a database of tools, adapters and machine tools used in the system. It fully replaces original electronics of a presetter, connecting directly to the scales.


  • PresetCheck connects to linear scales of presetter with Heidenhain IK220 card. This highly accurate card supports scales giving sine-cosine signal and trigger signal from cross-hair projector. Thus PresetCheck can be connected to all presetter devices having Heidenhain scales and to great variety of scales from other manufacturers as well (Acu-Rite, RSF Elektronik).
  • PresetCheck can be integrated to Fastems FMS systems.
  • PresetCheck uses natively Access ™97 database via ADO interface. According customer demand, other database types can be used (Oracle, SQL server).

Structure diagram

Measurement features:

  • Continuous and trigged measurement
  • Measurement parameters are selected according tool (diameter/radius, tolerance, nose radius compensation) and machine tool (adapter length)
  • Tools are identified by T-code, duplicate number and edge number
  • Measurement of both x- and z-value or only z-value according tool type
  • Shows graphical symbol of tool type
  • Shows drawing of tool
  • Tolerance check in saving of measurement
  • Locking of current measurement values

Measurement screen

Measurement database:

  • Keeps list of tools measured during session
  • List of all measured tools
  • Search of tools
  • Print out of measured tools (current session, search results or all)

List of presetted tools

General features:

  • Prints labels for each measured tool
  • Prints out tool basic data
  • Definition of adapters for each machine tool
  • Tools can be associated to one or more machine tools
  • Calibration of presetter with tolerance check
  • Controls calibration interval of presetter
  • Linear scaling factors can be used to correct positioning errors of presetter
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • On-line help

You can also download PresetCheck Demo (11.3 MB). This version doesn't need Heidenhain IK220 card, but it shows simulated measurement values.

View PresetCheck Brochure (1 page).


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