CNCcomp - Reading of a parameter file






'Read parameters from file' menu selection in File-menu reads into the CNCcomp parameters, which have influence to pitch compensation. This functionality is supported only for Fanuc 16 and Heidenhain TNC controllers. Operation of this functionality differs slightly between these two controller types.

Fanuc 16

First the program asks for the whole parameter file and after that, it asks if user wants to read in also old existing pitch compensation values. This makes it possible to measure and compensate machine tools without first clearing pitch compensations and thus speeding up the whole measuring process.

Heidenhain TNC

Program asks for 'Heidenhain configuration file'. This file determines collection of actual compensation files used in the controller. Thus if you have first downloaded the configuration file and corresponding compensation files from the controller to the PC, CNCcomp can read all that information. Configuration file has a file extension '.cma' or '.snc' and compensation files have an extension '.com' or '.vnc'. If the configuration file consists more than one configuration set, program asks you to select which set to edit. You have to select the set that has been active during laser measurement. Program reads based on that selection active compensation files and creates later new compensation files on top of them. It is also possible to create a new set at that moment (press button 'New'), which causes all the new tables to be created from empty basis. 'Copy' creates a duplicate of selected set, reads it and creates a new set. It makes copies of compensation files already now. After the selection of a compensation set, program reads corresponding compensation files automatically (they have to be located in the same directory with configuration file and have the same names as they do have in the controller).

Heidenhain TNC configuration

It is not necessary to download all compensation files from controller (if you are not going to compensate just those axes), but the configuration file is a necessity. You cannot use 'Read parameters from file' functionality without configuration file, but you can still create compensation files (and a new configuration file) without it. In that case just no information of active compensations in the controller are available. Thus when new compensation files are uploaded to the controller, old compensations on corresponding axes are lost.