Sep 9, 2019Add initial support of reading Keysight E1733A files in CNCcomp 4.7
Apr 27, 2017Add initial support of reading Renishaw Carto LEC/LEC2 files in CNCcomp 4.6
Jul 30, 2012Support Renishaw XL-80 measurement files in CNCcomp 4.5
Feb 20, 2012Added API measurement file read support in CNCcomp 4.5
May 18, 2011Support of Japanese added in PolarCheck 3.2.23
Feb 16, 2009Added Fanuc 0i-C support in CNCcomp 4.4
Jun 20, 2006Qplus Oy has joined EVIGeM network
Feb 10, 2006Updates in MeasureBase
Jan 25, 2006Fixes in CNCcomp 4.4
Sep 30, 2005Fixes in PolarCheck 3.2
May 30, 2005Support of ISO230-4:2005 in PolarCheck and MeasureBase
Apr 28, 2005Support of traditional Chinese added in CNCcomp
Apr 15, 2005Angular measurement files supported in MeasureBase
Mar 2, 2005Support of simplified Chinese added in CNCcomp
Feb 28, 2005Siemens 840D enhanced in CNCcomp
Feb 16, 2005Calculate and display measured feedrate in PolarCheck
Feb 16, 2005Automatic capture of CW and CCW measurement in PolarCheck
Feb 7, 2005Support of Beckhoff TwinCAT CNC added in CNCcomp
Jan 14, 2005Support of JENAer ZLM, Optodyne and Renishaw ML10 added in MeasureBase
Jan 10, 2005Support of Renishaw ML10 and Optodyne added in CNCcomp
Dec 3, 2004Possibility to store report files added in MeasureBase
May 28, 2004First version of MeasureBase released!